We are here to serve!

Australia is our home base with accreditation from the authority and related organizations.

Our business operation is run by Australian with vast experience in the local market and know what fellow Aussie needs.

A passion for bringing you the right solution!

Customer service is our priority. Our service representatives are well-trained to answer to your questions, from system selection, goods delivery, installation to on-going maintenance tips etc.

For enquiries, please send email to sales@cctvhubs.com or call us , we’ll be happy to serve you.

A key component for any security system is the camera itself. We are committed to offer you top quality cameras at the most reasonable price.

  • Direct buy from camera manufacturer to ensure the quality and lower price

  • The camera is made of Aluminium Alloy 7075, which is usually use in Aircraft or military equipment.

  • Light weight

  • Durable and sturdy equipment body

  • High strength to-density ratio

  • Monocoque structure to ensure the light

  • Use only SONY CMOS

  • IP6/6 standard waterproof

Unlike conventional practices, all our cameras come with an extended 18-month Warranty* against manufacturing defects.

We will either repair or replace free of charge on products that are deemed non-operable or defective during warranty.

Our Warranty does not cover product damages caused directly or indirectly by improper installation of the CCTV system equipment and accessories, lightning strikes, power surges, unauthorized product modifications and abuses or misuse, including but not limiting to provision of appropriate maintenance work for the installed equipment.
We are not responsible for any lost time, profits or business, personal injury, property damage or similar loss, or any punitive, consequential or other direct, indirect or incidental damages.

About CCTVhubs.com

Peace of mind with Cross Security automated intelligent security system. We care for the protection of your assets and valuables.

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